Friday, May, 22 2015
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December 2015
4 2015 Industry Holiday Breakfast
PATA Hawaii and TTRA Hawaii present: 2015 Annual Outlook and Economic Forecast Forum

GET A ROOM…IF YOU CAN!  With Hawaii’s visitor industry on pace to reach record levels and Waikiki hotels running the highest occupancy rate in the nation in 2014, how does Hawaii’s visitor industry find “room” for sustainable continued growth?  From the Sharing Economy to low fuel prices, what are some of the trends and challenges that we will be facing in our major markets?  PATA and TTRA Hawaii Chapters are pleased to present insights from top-notch economists as well as industry leaders as they share their expertise and forecasts for 2015.   And, you won’t want to miss the luncheon panel, highlighting “Waikiki: 2015 and Beyond!"

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December 05, 2014 Holiday Breakfast
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PATA Hawai‘i Chapter's mission is to foster industry relationships and educate members about trends and opportunities relating to Hawai‘i tourism.

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